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Yurt Camp winter tourism

In Eastern Kyrgyzstan, 15 km from the local village of Ak Suu, is a fascinating yurt camp for skiers. With the aid of Ryce Travel this camp was realized in 2015. Nowadays there are 3 heated yurts at an altitude of 2600 meters. Yurts are the traditional homes for Kyrgyz people. The Kyrgyz nomads are using these yurts as a temporary shelter in summer. Traditionally the yurt was small enough to carry on 1 camel when traders were traveling the ancient Silk Road.

Yurt camp and winter tourism

By using some intelligent technology we have adjusted the yurts to the cold circumstances. Together with local hero Slava the camp grew to its current size. There are even additional facilities like a banya (sauna), jacuzzi and a swing. There are wood fired yurts and there’s ventilation through the traditional tonoo (the top opening of the yurt)

The central yurt is used as a meeting place for backcountry skiers. There’s a big stove, a giant table and a basic kitchen. The two smaller yurts are giant bedrooms and sleep up to 15 people. Just next to the river is a sauna tent. It easily gets 80 degrees celsius in here but good news. There’s a ice cold river next to the sauna to cool down.

Since 2016 we have added a wood fired jacuzzi to the camp. So after a hard day in the mountains it’s definitely something to long for. On the other side of the camp in a huge swing, a slack line and a trunk to nail your nails (drinking game). There’s two toilets but no running water. Everything disappears in a dark hole beneath you ?

Slava and his friends have worked very hard to make your stay absolutely unforgettable. It takes around 50 minutes to get to the camp by snow mobile (from the village of Ak Suu). It’s a completely different world. Have a look at our Freeride Tours to book your holiday in this yurt camp. Check the video below.



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