Finally, you can book your organized winter holidays Himalaya trip!. Ryce Travel offers you clear packages for an unforgettable ski holiday to the Himalayas. Mighty mountains, hospitable locals, delicious food and of course powder, lots of POWDER. That’s skiing the Himalayas.

Ski Holiday Himalaya

For a long time it wasn’t possible to book a ski holiday to the Himalaya. When we arrived for the first time in this spectacular region we were determined to start organizing ski trips. The facilities are actually great and because of our friends we are able to offer amazing tours. We reckon that you don’t fly to the Himalayas for ski resort based skiing in massive ski stations. That is why we offer local experiences, culture, freeriding, yurts, karaoke, vodka, snow mobile droppings and horseback riding. All of this makes that you can really experience the country with Ryce Travel!

Skiing in the Himalaya

The terrain is pretty challenging in the Himalayas. That is why we exclusively work with experienced local guides. They help us find the best and safest skiing slopes! Slava, our most experienced guide, is a star in Central Asia. He is the holder of many unique records and has climbed Peak Lenin (the tallest mountain of Kyrgyzstan) bare footed! He also works for the federal government to lead rescue operations in the high Himalayas. So we know how to pick our guides :).  Lake Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan causes a micro climate in Central Asia. The lake is the second biggest mountain lake in the world and is fed by a hot spring. The lake doesn’t freeze in winter, in contrary it causes a micro climate with more snowfall than in the rest of the Himalayas. That is also one of the reasons why Ryce Travel has choosen this region to offer the skiing tours!

Ski resort Himalaya

There are several ski resorts in the Himalaya, with most of them located in Central Asia. Shymbulak in Kazakhstan is the biggest (and most modern) ski resort of the Himalaya. In 2017 the Winter Olympics for Youth have been held in this beautiful ski resort. Another great ski resort is in Almaty. This resort tried to made a bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Unfortunately Beijing has been chosen instead of Almaty. We usually spend two days in these fantastic ski resorts!

In Kyrgyzstan, Karakol is the biggest ski resort. In has a vertical drop of nearly 1000 meters and you can make challenging tree runs. Karakol is one of the bigger cities in Kyrgyzstan with a population of around 100.000 people. It lies at the foot of the mighty Tien Shan mountains. During our Adventurous Ski trip to Kyrgyzstan we will spend two days in the Karakol Ski base.

Reizen naar de Himalaya



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