For several projects we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers throughout the year. At the moment that’s predominantly necessary in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan as Kosovo.

Developing freeride community

It would be amazing to further develop the freeride opportunities on our destinations. The sport is just starting in most of the developing countries. We need you to professionalize the sport and create a better network of routes and runs. You will explore unskied terrain together with locals to map and document the opportunities. Please get in touch with us if you would like to help out.

Base camps

In summer we run 2 base camps in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Every season the amount of international tourists is increasing. The knowledge of English is still very basic and we always need help teaching English to local guides and cooks. Besides that we need dedicated volunteers who can help to develop the quality and the total experience of these camps. Last year we have improved the sanitary, the canalizations and the signage. We always need volunteers from June to September so please contact us if you would like to help out. Food and meals are included and also a volunteer contribution of 150 euros a month.

Own initiative 

Do you have an initiative yourself to support tourism in one of our destinations? Please let us know. We are always open for suggestions and we are more than willing to help. We have already started a football school in Karakol (with Football maties) and we have gathered second hand tents from a Dutch festival. Also, please let us know if you have any second hand clothing or equipment for donation.



Klik op één van onze medewerkers hieronder of stuur een e-mail naar mail@rycetravel.com.

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