Bosse ski run Kazakhstan

Traveler from the very beginning: Bosse

I am a first-rate Ryce Traveler, a snow lover and someone with a passion for improving the world.

What do you do in daily life?
In daily life, I work as an account manager and try to give shape to my drive to improve the world.

How was your first introduction to Ryce Travel?
After the digital preparation, this was during a ‘Hello Goodbye moment’ in the arrival hall of Bishkek, during one of the first Ryce Travel trips ever. But of course with Peter instead of Joris Linssen. Wonder what the journey would have looked like … probably a lot less adventurous haha.

What do you think about the vision / mission of Ryce Travel?
I think it is great that Peter empowered local people with Ryce Travel to structurally improve their well-being. This is also one of the reasons why I have already come 3 times. A good example of how you can make a difference in the current tourism sector. If every company / organization would do this ..

Bosse on the slopes of Shymbulak
Snowboarding in the ski resort of Shymbulak, Kazakhstan

How do you explain Ryce Travel to friends / family?
A nice cross between a trip and a winter sport, with a social mission. Great for couples, siblings, groups of friends and single travelers.

To which destinations have you been?
I have been with Ryce Travel 3 times now. Successively to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Georgia. Kyrgyzstan was the first destination and this trip immediately made the most impression. Of course because it was a new way to go on a winter sport (IN HIMALAYA!), But mainly because the contrast with our own society is so great. How great this contrast is, Peter showed us very closely by introducing us to the local culture and the local people, who helped us to get to the most untouched pieces of pow. Then Kazakhstan, I LIKE! A country that, although Borat turned out not to be completely realistic, has a turbulent history and was simply beautiful. The views over the tundra and steppes are still engraved in my memory, just like the Charyn valley. In addition, it is a country where my appreciation for karaoke has risen to the next level, something that Peter is also very actively committed to. Until (for the time being) Georgia. Again a wonderful journey that (partly due to the weather) can best be described as POW POW POW. Both in the form of a white-out during an extremely pleasant stay in a crazy hotel on a mountain and in powder. Powder as in: drive up a mountain with a Pistenbully and drive down the most insane lines, then be picked up again at the bottom to do the same again. What more can I say?

Horseback riding in Kyrgyzstan
Horseback riding in Kyrgyzstan

What do you like best about Ryce Travel’s travels?
The combination of travel and winter sports. Driving powder lines that I could only dream of before. Not having to worry at all (including the logistics part), everything is arranged for you so that you get the chance to focus entirely on the experience. Getting in touch with other cultures, knowing that your journey can contribute to the well-being of the local population. Meeting nice people. I can keep going, but then I really close with fun, which I might have had to start with.

How did you yourself contribute to support local projects?
I carried out a project with Peter, among others, at the Lowlands campsite for the base camp in Kyrgyzstan. I knew that many things were left behind at Western festivals, but I was almost surprised to see how much was left. In consultation with Peter we finally managed to save 12 excellent tents, 16 camping chairs, 10 air matrasses and 5 tables from the incinerator in one afternoon. Things that are apparently ‘worth nothing more’ here and are a nice addition to the resources in Kyrgyzstan.

Gathering tents at Lowlands festival in 2018

To emphasize once again the contrast between our culture and that of the destinations of Ryce. Well, not everyone may have the option to roll out a project, but don’t worry: Peter will be happy to give you advice on how to best fill the empty space in your suitcase with things / resources that have a lot of meaning at local destinations.

What are your dreams?
Setting up my own company to earn enough money to improve the world. Where the profit can be expressed in impact. Something like Ryce Travel 😉



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