Travel conditions

1. Travel organisation

Stichting Ryce Travel Zwanebloem 45 7909HM Hoogeveen The Netherlands +31648729047 Chamber of Commerce (NL): 65947304

2. General

Immediately after booking your trip at the Ryce Travel website, a travel agreement has been made. Welcome to the Ryce Community! This official travel agreement serves as a protection to you as a traveler as well as for us as an supplier. Apart from the fact that we’ll honestly do everything to make this a lifetime-experience, we will meet all requirements set for tour operators. At the same time, we expect you to meet the duties of a traveler/consumer.

3. Who are you?

As a traveler you are personally liable. The person booking on behalf of a group is our contact person. We contact the contact person when we need something of you. Of course, the contact person –or fellow travelers – can contact us too, whenever necessary. We’ll be there for you.

As a traveler you have the duty to share relevant personal information in order to organize the trip smooth and safely. Be aware that preferences and medical essentials should be known by Ryce Travel, at time of agreeing to the travel agreement. You have the possibility to replace yourself by somebody else, however this should be confirmed by Ryce Travel at all times. The sooner the requested, the better. There’s still many changes to carry out by us and our partner. By doing such a replacement, the ‘replacer’ automatically agrees with the same conditions that you agreed with. A replacement costs a minimum of €75 (same amount invoiced by the concerning airline) and cannot be accepted anymore after 30 days before departure.

4. Payment procedure

In the duration of the trip, the departure and returning day are included. The elements included in the trip, are communicated on the website.

Immediately after the booking, 50% of the travel sum should be paid. This enables us book the relevant elements for you. Ultimately, 30 days before departure, the full travel sum should be paid. Between 30 and 7 days prior to departure, you will receive your Ryce Travel documentation.

5. Cancellations

In case you want to (partly) cancel your booking, cancellation costs will be charged to you. The reason for this is not to make money from you. Like you, we have to pay cancellation fees to our partners. We do not believe in fixed cancellation fees/percentages, since they are rarely factual and at most cases in your disadvantage. We therefore charge you the actual loss we suffer (max. 100% of the travel sum) and nothing more. The sooner the cancellation, the more we’ll be able to minimalize your cancellation fee. It’s up to you whether you take a cancellation insurance.

6. Changes

If you want to change anything in your reservation, please let us know. Please be aware that in some cases we are stuck to business hours, since some of our partners are. Although in developping countries they’re usually quite easy-going ;-).

7. Minimum number of participants

In order to meet the standards and to make our tours a huge success we (Ryce Travel) stick to a minimum number of participants of 5. In event of an inadequate number of participants, we reserve the right to cancel the trip. If so, you’ll get back the entire travel sum. By the way, also a maximum is set in order to maintain our trips small and unique.

8. Manifest errors and/or mistakes

We assume that you as well us (Ryce Travel) are not trying to benefit from eachothers mistakes and/or errors. Obvious errors made by one of the concerning parties are not legal to this travel agreement.

9. Risks

Like every tour, there are risks involved in participating in a Ryce Travel tour. An adventurous tour means that there are considerable risks involved. With full-time guidance of local guides we are trying to minimize the risks. Nevertheless, we urgently advise you to get an extensive travel insurance including a wintersports-/extreme sports coverage. Ryce Travel offers the tour but is by no means liable for physical or mental injury or any other form of damage. It is advisable to get the needed information at your doctor or the GGD concerning the most recent medical safety risks.

10. Acitivities

Ryce Travel is inherent to excitement and excitement is inherent to Ryce Travel. Part of this experience is the unique activities during the tours. These activities are generally described on the website. It might occur that activities are changed due to (weather) events. Since the trips are very dynamic, it could happen that events are somehow different from their descriptions. However, this will not be in your disadvantage. In order to participate with the activities, you need, next to courage, a good (wintersports-/extreme sports) insurance coverage. Check with your insurance company what you exactly need in order to have all risks covered. Participation of activities is voluntary and at own risk.

11. Complaints

We organise your trip with a lot of passion. We want to transmit this passion to you. We will do anything to make this tour a life time experience. However, in case there is still something that dissapoints you, please let us know as soon as possible. We will do our best to take away your disappointment and to improve our tours. Together we’ll find a solution.

12. ANVR Consumer Terms and Conditions

By booking a trip at Ryce Travel, you agree with the terms and conditions set by the ANVR (Algemene Nederlandse Vereniging voor Reisbureau). These can be found here.

13. Image rights



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