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Are you into history, mosaics, beautiful pottery, colorful traditions and also nature? Then, a group tour to Uzbekistan might be something for you! Gather a group of friends, colleagues or family, to experience Uzbekistan this summer. Uzbekistan is a country of color and diversity, but also has an ancient past that you should not forget about. Scattered across the country are traces of trade and wealth from the past and present. Uzbekistan played a major role in the Old Silk Road, a network of important trade routes to and from China. For example, in almost every major city there are colorful and imposing buildings and don’t forget about the countries closely related traditions to this Silk Road. Some of these traditions are still making pottery, weaving silk and breeding the silkworm!

Does a group tour to Uzbekistan sound like something you would do? Plan your trip to Uzbekistan with us or come up with a plan yourself! From hiking in the Fergana valley to seeing breathtaking buildings, nothing is too crazy for us. Together we can ensure that you experience an incredible journey with your friends, colleagues or family!


Samarkand is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia and is about 4 hours away by train or car from Tashkent. After many conquests by different countries in the past, is Samarkand rich in architecture. For example, in the old town, the Registan and several mausoleums are located, one of the remains of the Old Silk Road. The Registan is a large square surrounded by 4 large and still functional madrassas (Islamic schools). In the square you can “dive” into the past with its beautiful madrassas, blue mosaics and golden arches. No wonder that Samarkand with its sights has been awarded with a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

3 kilometers removed from the Registan, you come across the Shah-i-Zinda Mausoleum; a large mausoleum complex built for the most holy people in Uzbekistan. Here, too, you will not get bored of the amount of colorful mosaics and arches that have been used. You can also visit a silk factory in Samarkand that makes carpets. After a tour, various carpets and scarves are presented for you to purchase.


Not far from Samarkand, is the city of Bukhara located. The Old Silk Road has also left its marks in this city. To protect the Old Silk Road trade, Bukhara built a wall around the center; the Ark of Bukhara. The Ark shows the city’s past. If you walk into the old city center through the city gates, you will see the colorful minarets, mausoleums and mosques. A mosque that excels in its beauty and splendor is the Kok Gumbaz mosque. A must see when you are in Bukhara!

With almost all of its monuments centered in the city center, the old center is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After all this beauty, we can imagine that you have had enough of the blue tiles and mosaics. Fortunately, there is also plenty to do outside of Bukhara. For example, you can take a refreshing dip in the Tudakul reservoir or take a multi-day trip to the Kyzylkum desert!


Khiva is a quiet and small desert town known for its blue minaret; the Kalta Minor Minaret. Next to this minaret is the Muhammad Aminkhan Madrassah, one of the largest madrassas in Central Asia. A nice fact is that, nowadays, you can sleep here instead of praying, since it is now a hotel. Khiva is nice to walk in for a few hours. Great for visiting different markets, shops and museums!

There are also plenty of day trips from Khiva. An interesting but also fun day trip is, for example, visiting the Aral Sea. Driving or walking past rusting ships, a harbor without water and abandoned cities, you slowly come to know what happened here. In terms of transport, the most convenient way from Khiva is to take a plane back to Tashkent to end the trip there.


Tashkent is the main capital of Uzbekistan and is relatively new compared to the rest of the country. For example, there are large apartment buildings, hotels and modern infrastructure from the Soviet era, but also the well-known (blue) mausoleums and mosques from the time of the Silk Road. Tashkent is a good place to start your group tour in Uzbekistan. A large airport is nearby and public transport is easily arranged. On the other hand, we can also understand that you have had enough of all the mosaics and blue tiles after your trip is over. The contrast between old and new makes Tashkent the perfect place to relax before or after your tour!

If you don’t like architecture or don’t want to see blue tiles at all, it is no problem in Uzbekistan. In the east of the country lies the fertile Fergana valley. Due to its location, this region is very green compared to the rest of the country. Overloaded trucks with watermelons, the hospitality of the locals and the colorful pottery make this region so special. For example, you can visit a pottery or traditional silk weaving and see the breeding of the silkworm. Activities not to be missed when you make a group tour to Uzbekistan!

If you are planning to follow the Old Silk Road, it is nice to combine the group tour in Kyrgyzstan with this tour.

A group tour in Uzbekistan something for you?

  • Likes culture and traditions
  • Likes blue mosaic and great architecture
  • Does not like the struggle of driving far to get somewhere


  • Transfers
  • Nights in local guesthouse or hotel
  • All meals (+ non alcoholic drinks during meals)
  • English speaking guide
  • Local guides
  • Night in the dessert
  • entrance Mausoleums*
  • Guided tour and entrance Silk factory
  • Entrance Registan

*See the text above

Not included

  • Flight Turkish Airlines (€400-€600)
  • Food & drinks not during the 3 meals
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Souvenirs & tips
  • Travel Insurance
  • Booking of flight-tickets


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