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Imagine. You, together with your friends, colleagues or family, making a trip for at least a week through a relatively unknown country that most people have never heard of; Kyrgyzstan! Just like in winter, there is always something to do in Kyrgyzstan. With its breathtaking and varied landscapes, diverse cultures and incredible hospitality, Kyrgyzstan has always something to offer for everyone. Adventure in our blood, so don’t expect a sun, sea and beach holiday! But… what can you expect? A group tour to Kyrgyzstan is, par example, experiencing the beautiful and varied nature, discovering the nightlife in Bishkek, Kyrgyz hospitality, discovering new cultures and driving off-road!

The group tour to Kyrgyzstan starts at the airport of chose. From that airport, you will take an airplane to the capital of Kyrgyzstan; Bishkek. At the airport of Bishkek, you will meet the rest of the group. Then, after a short rest in a small cafe, the journey can finally begin!

While drinking our coffee or tea in the small cafe, the group tour will be discussed, a second time, in consultation with you. We know from experience that every group (or individual) has specific wishes. For example, there are some participants who want to see the country for a week and others who would like to discover one particular place. We try to coordinate this with you as best as possible.

Almost 90% of Kyrgyzstan is above 1500 meters. The country has abolished its visa requirement and wants to develop further as a tourist destination. Ryce Travel supports “Community Based Tourism” with the trips we offer. We try to stay as much as possible in guesthouses of local families and we support local projects.

Since Kyrgyzstan is so varied, there are various cities, activities and nature reserves to visit. Below, a number of options is given which you can choose from for your group tour to Kyrgyzstan. However, we are always open for any own suggestions you may come up with.

Song Kul Lake

The Song Kul Lake is one of the “must-see” destinations in Kyrgyzstan. The lake can only be reached in the summer months and is located at an altitude of 3000 meters! Via an unpaved mountain road, you bump over the varied landscapes and you reach the beautiful mountain lake. You usually sleep here in a traditional Kyrgyz yurt. After you’ve settled in, enjoy your tradional Kyrgyz dinner and round off the day with a beautiful sunset and maybe a vodka! (or something slightly less alcoholic of course). At night, you can enjoy a clear night sky which is full of stars. A magical moment to never forget!

Good to know: Due to the microclimate at the Song Kol Lake, it can even snow in summer! So it is smart to bring warm clothes!

Horse riding at the Song Kol Lake

At the Song Kol lake there is also the possibility to ride a horse. After a short introduction course in Kyrgyz-English, you jump on the horse to discover the surroundings of the Song Kol Lake. Endless nature and freedom, the people around you and the horse of course will make this moment so special! And don’t you feel like riding a horse? No problem! Most yurt camps even have a small sauna where you can spend a few hours.

Issyk Kul Lake

About a 4-hour drive from the capital Bishkek is Lake Issyk Kul, the second largest lake in the world! Lake Issyk Kul has played an important role in the existance of the Old Silk Road, which has left its marks everywhere in the region. The lake has a developed north side and a beautiful south side. The north side of the lake is known for its many luxurious (water)resorts, dance clubs that are open late into the night and many tourists. On the other side of the lake it is very peaceful, no crowds and everything is still very pure. It is an amazing experience to experience the contrast between the south and the north shore of Lake Issyk Kul!

Eagel hunting show in Bokonbayevo and relaxing in Cholpon Ata

The entire Issyk Kul region has a lot to offer and is diverse when it comes to activities. If you choose to go this way from Bishkek, the Burana tower is really worth a visit. The Burana tower is a remnant of the Old Silk Road! In the region itself, the ride takes you past various cities, villages and places of interest. For example, near Bokonbayevo (south) you can choose to swim in salt lake, see a waterfall in the Barskoon valley, visit an eagle show, mountain bike, swim in lake Issyk Kuk, visit Jeti Oguz, Alaam Ordo and the Fairytale Valley and very much more!

Furthermore, Cholpon Ata (the north) is also nice to visit, if only to experience the difference with the south shore. Walk into all the luxury they have to offer here or enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. Finally, there is also the possibility to do a 4×4 self-drive tour or to take a long walk at the aforementioned sights. Contact us to discuss the possibilities with us.


Near the lake Issyk Kul is the town of Karakol situated. Karakol is the home of Ryce Travel in Kyrgyzstan, where we have our own ski rental and travel agency. Further is Karakol known for its markets, activity, a fusion of different cultures, but also winter sports. The town has trendy cafes, a beautiful wooden Russian Orthodox church and a Dungan Mosque. The winter sports areas that we normally use for skiing in the winter are also very beautiful in the summer. All in all, worth a visit, if I do say so myself!

Paragliding in Karakol

Karakol is also seen by many people as a haven of adventure sports in Kyrgyzstan, in summer. You can paraglide with a guide, go horseback riding, take a walk to the Ala Kul lake and spend the night in our Ayu Tor Ryce camp or drive off-road! Are you less adventurous? No problem either. There is an option to completely relax in the Ak Suu hot springs, you can take a day trip to Jyrgalan or do a multi-day tour to Engilchek. Especially with a group tour to Kyrgyzstan, these activities are recommended!


Although we usually stay here for a short time, Bishkek is still worth a visit. With its Soviet architecture, the city is easily structured. Tall buildings, crowds and lots of traffic. A huge contrast with what lies outside of the city.

Guided Tour in Bishkek

A fun thing to do in Bishkek is a tour that shows you every highlight of the city. During the tour you will definitely pass the Osh bazaar, the largest and most famous market hall in Bishkek. There is a lot to see in the bazaar. From clothing to horse meat. You name it, they have it! Evening life in Bishkek is lively. There are several clubs, cafes and even bars where you can dance the night away or celebrate the holiday with your friends. Bishkek also has beautiful nature. Just outside the big city you can go to the Ala Archa Park, a “must-see” nature reserve when you are in Bishkek!

Interested in a group tour to Kyrgyzstan?

  • Adventurer who wants to do something different than what you were used to
  • Interested in other cultures and customs
  • Interested in nature


  • Transfers
  • overnight stays in local guesthouse
  • overnight stays in traditional Kyrgyz yurts/span>
  • All meals (+ non alcoholic drinks during meals)
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Local guides
  • A short guided tour in Bishkek City Center
  • Horse rental
  • Entree fee Burana Tower
  • Entree fee Fairy Tale Canyon
  • Day trip to Engilchek or Jyrgalan
  • Entree fee Ak Suu Hot Springs

Not included

  • Flights (Turkish Airlines) – €300 – €450
  • Food & drinks besides the 3 meals
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Souvenirs & tips
  • Travel Insurance
  • Booking airline tickets


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