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With the highest mountain ranges in Europe and a staggering snowfall, Georgia might be the best country for freeriding. The terrain is hugely varied and choices are plentiful. From sidecountry in the famous Gudauri resort to backcountry in Racha and from the slopes of Svaneti to cat skiing in Goderdzi. You can compose your private ideal trip and we ensure that you are safe with one of our local guides


The largest ski area in Georgia is perfectly suited to start a backcountry trip. With 4 gondolas and 10 chair lifts you have access to 75 kilometers of slopes. You can easily access challenging sidecountry terrain but you can also hit the slopes on powder days. The lifts take you from 2200 meters to a maximum of 3300 meters. You can choose to stay in Gudauri but it is also possible to spend the night in Stepantsminda. Also from this sleepy village are beautiful touring options.


The last Georgian village on the Military Highway is Stepantsminda. The busy highway runs from Tbilisi to Vladikavkaz in Russia. Beautiful touring starts from Stepantsminda. You can ascend Gergeti and continue further towards the mighty mountain Kazbegi. The slopes of this 5km giant are reasonably easy to reach, allowing you to have amazing runs. There is a possibility to spend the night in the Altihut at 3014 meters.


An unknown tour destination for many freeriders. North of Kutaisi is a wild region with countless touring possibilities. It is wooded, snowy and welcoming. We usually stay in small guesthouses of local families. The terrain is between 1600 and 3200 meters high. Our local guides are from this region and they are more than happy to tour together.


The northwestern region of Georgia is far away from the capital Tbilisi. By car it takes definitely 7 to 8 hours to get there. But once there you will be spoiled with virgin powder fields. The snowfall here is one of the highest in all of Georgia and in the modern ski resort of Tetnuldi you have access to fast gondolas. You have many options around the ski resort but of course you can also tour for several days in this area. The views are amazing and the terrain is very varied. You can choose to fly to Kutaisi (by WizzAir), making the transfer time a lot shorter.


The ski resort of Bakuriani is a great stop for easy access to tree runs. It is amazingly quiet over here and even a few days after snowfall you can still make wonderful tree runs. The village is developing rapidly but you will still find fantastic local activities. For example, we got into bumper cars after skiing and we drank chacha (local schnapps) at a small cafe next to the slopes. Usually we add 1 or 2 days Bakuriani to the program when we go cat skiing in Goderdzi.


At the highest point of the Goderdzi pass (2025 meters) is an old weather station that has been transformed into a hotel. When the nearby Goderdzi ski resort was built, the government had forgotten to arrange accommodation for the employees of Doppelmayr. This weather station was quickly converted into a decent hotel for the ski technicians.

The ski resort is in its infancy and is currently only interesting for beginners. That is why we have a Pistenbully available for a couple of days. It is a Pistenbully 300 Polar with 430HP. This beast takes us to the most remote places of the Lesser Caucasus. The mountains stretch from east to west and reach over 3000 meters. The beaches of the Black Sea are less than 100 kilometers away. The western current brings a record amount of snow to the Adjara region. Nowhere in the country is the snowfall higher than in the Goderdzi ski area.

With a local lead guide you will explore as many slopes as possible. The terrain is incredibly diverse with mellow tree runs and challenging couloirs above the tree line. Due to heavy snow, we are sometimes forced to ski in lower areas. In the afternoon we will have lunch on the mountain or at the weather station. In the evening we will turn the hotel into a cinema, dance floor or restaurant. It just depends on what you feel like.


Your arrival and departure is usually in Tbilisi. A visit to this historic city should not be missed during the ski trip. In any case, it is worth doing a walk around the old town. Moreover, you can take the gondola to the Narikala fort and get on the zip line to the botanical garden. To finish the trip, we usually book a visit to the sulfur baths. Tbilisi literally means (hot spring) and at the place where the city originated there are several sulfur baths. We will have time to relax from the intensive freeride tour.

Freeride Georgië for you?

– experienced in skiing with a own toerski or splitboard
– adventurous and loves a big pack of (fresh) snow
– owns a shovel, sonde, beeper and airbag



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