Sponsorship Kyrgyz skiers

Yesterday we have signed a partnership with the Kyrgyz Ski Association. From this season on we will sponsor 4 local young skiers in their goal to become a professional skier for Kyrgyzstan. Ryce Travel supports by providing ski equipment. Moreover, we compensate the travel and accommodation costs for these skiers if they have to go abroad for a competition.

Valeikum Salam, Mukhtarov Nadim, Asanova Adina and Dzhumabaeva Aliya are champions in their age category and have great ambitions. We will continue to follow them and support them where possible during the coming winter season. If you want to offer support yourself, please get in touch with us. By can use support with equipment, knowledge and funds are always welcome.



Klik op één van onze medewerkers hieronder of stuur een e-mail naar mail@rycetravel.com.

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