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Ski rent Karakol

The Ryce Ski Rental was opened in 2015 in the center of Karakol, in eastern Kyrgyzstan. Maksat Aitkulov, together with his staff, has created a beautiful store with second-hand material from the Netherlands, France and Austria.

Ski rental Kyrgyzstan

In 2012 Peter met with Maksat Aitkulov. As a graduated mountain guide from the tourist school, Maksat wanted to start a fully-equiped ski rental. At that time he rented out old material from a sea container. The Ryce Travel Foundation has purchased material and every year we try to improve the quality together. For example, many snowboards have been added this year and some freeride skis.

 Even the presentation has been thought of Even the presentation has been thought of [/ caption]

With our support Maksat tries to improve the safety of the skis and snowboards. In addition to supplying material, we also provide maintenance support. Maksat was in the Netherlands in 2015 and Jan Willem of the Herqua winter sports shop in Hoogeveen explained him a few tips and tricks about waxing and edging

Nowadays, maintenance is carried out more frequently and Maksat has access to professional (hand) grinders and wax. Unfortunately there was not enough wax available last season. The local solution: candle wax. Occasionally it is still doing well, but luckily the quality of the material is increasing.

To enable the local people to ski, they have opened a second small ski rental. In this branch the prices for the rental are a lot lower. In addition, the local ski school can rent equipment here free of charge. That way we can enable more people to learn skiing. It is therefore a great incentive to see that the number of local skiers has increased enormously.



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