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Bishkek, the main capital of Kyrgyzstan

Let’s face it, you’re not going to Kyrgyzstan for Bishkek. In the capital, you are far away from the majestic vistas and impressive mountain landscapes of the rest of the country. Bishkek, also known as Frunze, looks like a Soviet city. Think about tall concrete buildings that remind you of gray officials and Kafkaian bureaucracy. Plus a prominent, the Statue of Lenin (in front of the National History Museum, which is worth a visit ).

Although, we rather deviate from that view. The capital of Kyrgyzstan also feels like a provincial city, with wide boulevards and green parks. So, actually very green! Two rivers cross the city, the Ala Archa and the Alamüdün. On one side you can see the mountains of Ala Archa rising, on the other side the vast steppe reaches into Kazakhstan. Ala Too Square

The central Ala Too square

Points Of Interest: 

  • The Osh Bazaar: This bustling market offers a great first insight in Central Asian culture. Let yourself be carried away by the sweet sounds of roaring sellers and brisky buyers.
  • Ala Too Square: The city’s large central square is guarded by a statue of Manas, the legendary national hero of Kyrgyzstan.
  • Panfilov Park: this park gives a great example on how people from Kyrgyzstan spend their free time. There are serveral attractions you can visit here.
  • Victory Square: a park with 3 golden arches. Under the arches, there is the flame of entinity to celebrate the ending of the war 40 years ago.

Bishkek is a relatively young city, and as a result of that, it only has few historical buildings.

Bishkek as a place to rest

The capital is primarily the departure and entrance hall for tourists of the country. Many tourists rest there after a long journey. The local cuisine is very tasty and the many restaurants will indulge you. The city is also an excellent starting point for hiking and skiing trips. Ala Archa National Park – with several peaks higher than 4000 m – is only 40 km away.

Manas airport
International airport of Manas in Bishkek


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