Relaxing in Ak Suu

Want to relax? Just go to the hot springs in Ak Suu. Kyrgyzstan has a serious hot water tradition. Both locals and tourists bathe in the naturally warm water to wash away their aches and pains. And all of that in the great outdoors. What a wonderful country.

Not far from the village, en route to the eponymous resort of Ak Suu, you will find the Ak Suu hot springs. There is nothing better than a dip in these pools after a tiring day. The hot springs are open all year round, so swimming is possible after hiking, horse riding or mountain biking in summer. And thus also after a day of skiing or snowboarding in winter.

Previously the Chong Oruktu hot springs were the best option from Karakol, but nowadays the Ak Suu hot springs are a much better option. There are several baths of different temperatures. The hottest bath is more than 40 degrees. This is even too hot for some bathers. Fortunately, you can also choose from a cooler bath or even an ice bath.

The hot springs are located about 15 km from Karakol and are easily accessible with taxi or marsjroetka (bus number 350) from the center. Of course you can book a tour to Kyrgyzstan and we will take you there 🙂

Ak Suu hot springs


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