Skiing Area Bogë

Bogë is not what is called the most developed skiing area in this region. The standards are a bit different here than in the Alps. We leave the skiing area far behind and head into the Bogë valley, where we climb the slopes with the slope bully – a beautiful, a bit stubborn, but tireless eighties model -. With that said, we are going to conquer all the slopes that we can find!

The plan on the slopes in Bogë

We pack our lunch and leave for a full day of catski. The piste bully drivers seem as enthusiastic as we are: they are making photograph of the valley from all possible angles and glide along an inflatable (swimming) tire behind our bully. We have lunch on top of the mountain with sandwiches, ajvar and of course a beer.

In the Bogë valley, the slopes are sunny and sloping – no slopes steeper than 30° -. Further, you can ski between low coniferous and deciduous trees. The valley is located on the border with Montenegro (with a valid passport you could actually ski or snowboard across the border). However, we will stay in Kosovo for a while and leave after a very last sunset run back to Peja.

The Rugova Region

The Rugova region is known as the home of skiing in Kosovo and throughout the Balkans. That is because for a long time ago, skiing was only reserved for the alpinists. Rugova, with its gorges, caves and high peaks, has in particular been interesting to mountaineers of all countries since all times. In the winter they just tied slats under their mountain boots and did what they have always done: exploring the mountains. As skiing became more popular, Rugova seemed like a logical choice to expand. The country’s first ski club, Rusolia, was also formed here. Even in summer there is plenty of things to do in the Rugova region. For example, you can visit the Rugova Canyon or see a rugova sword dance show.



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