Shymbulak Skiing Area

In a nutshell

  • 20 kilometer of slopes.
  • A total height difference of 920 meters.
  • The highest point of the area, the Talgar Pass, can be reached by ski lift. Panoramic views guaranteed!
  • Spectacular view of Almaty!
  • With an average winter temperature of -7 °C, the area is fairly snow-sure.
  • The area is so popular that it has its own website!

The history and activities of Shymbulak

From 1983, Shymbulak became the Olympic training center for the athletes of the former Soviet Union. At that time, many facilities such as restaurants and hotels were built and the area grew into the most popular skiing resort of Kazakhstan. The skiing area applied as a host city for the organization of the 2022 Winter Olympics, but sadly lost the chance to Beijing.

Shymbulak is THE day trip for many Kazakhs living in Almaty. Away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. There are various activities to do in the area, in both summer as winter. In the summer you can rent a quad, go ziplining, climb and go horseback riding. However, the area is more intended and made for winter activities. In winter, for example, you can ski very well, on its 20 kilometers of slopes. Furthermore, you can try out your best ski or snowboard tricks while landing on a large air cushion or slide down the hill with a big tire. All with all, there is plenty of activities to do no matter what season you arrive here!

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