The Kapchagay Reservoir

The Kapchagay Reservoir regulates the flow of the rivers in the area. Farmers use this riverflow for par example, the irrigation of the surrounding fields and for fishing. The wide sandy beaches that you will find in Kapchagay, combined with the long hot summers of Kazakhstan, allowed the city to become the popular holiday resort it is today. Kapchagay is loved by tourists and locals alike. With the former capital Almaty only being 80 kilometers away from Kapchagay, many residents of Almaty come to spend the weekend or a short stay, to relax or escape here from the busy city centre.

Kapchagay: relaxing by the water or spending money in the casino

Kapchagay is the ideal place to stay at for a beach holiday, considering the many water sports options such as fishing and kitesurfing. There are also many water resorts to be found. On the shores of Kapchagay you can choose from about 150 holiday complexes and hotels. Luckily for you, the accomodations are all close together. Therefore, you can quickly compare (prices) and choose the accommodation that best suits your preferences. At last, there is also a wide range of private homes you can rent with local owners. And thus, enough options to choose from!

If you are not into beach holidays or rather do something else, there are luckily for you, more options. Kapchagay is also known for its casinos. The city has more than 40, all in their own style. From Byzantine design, national style, European influences, to Eastern design. Kapchagay has it all!

Besides water and casinos, Kapchagay has even more to offer than you may think! The area is also very suitable for experienced and unexperienced hikers who want to see the surrounding mountains and valleys. After a long hike through nature, you can finish it off by relaxing and enjoying yourself in the city.

View on the Ala Tau Mountains from Kapchagay Lake (by Banick CC 3.0)


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