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The Dzungarian Mountains, the pinnacle of untouched nature

The untouched and pure nature is what characterizes the Dzungarian Mountains. There are almost no roads to be found and you will find almost no habitation here. Some parts are even so remote and unreachable, that they can only be reached on horseback or by helicopter. The mountain range extends into China over a length of 450 kilometers. With peaks above 4400 meters that are covered with eternal snow and glacial ice, the mountain range leaves a majestic impression to the eye. The many beautiful glacial lakes with their deep blue colours, give the mountains something magical. There are said to be more than 200 glacial lakes in the Dzungarian Mountains. However, swimming in them is not really enjoyable, as the lakes are ice cold all year round.

In some places you can see drawings on the rocks, ritual buildings and burial mounds. They have been present since ancient times and are an important part for the history of this mountain range.

Dzungarian: mountains of inspiration

When you explore the Dzungarian Mountains, you will quickly find yourself inspired by its beauty. The fresh and pure mountain air soon prompted the original inhabitants to build sanatoriums and hospitals in the surroundings of the mountains. The mountains themselves are home to animals such as sheep, gazelles and mountain goats.

A freeride wahalla!

Winter sports enthusiasts have now discovered the beautifull area. With Almaty only being 3 hours away from the mountian range, it ensures that especially freeriders come here. The snow is from good quality and the runs are pristine. Moreover, cat skiing has been developed by Ryce Travel now for a number of years. However, this cat skiing is still in full development and we do not offer it commercially yet. When interested you are always welcome to contact us and organize a personalized trip to the Dzungarian mountains together. In that trip there is the possibility to discover the area with touring skis/splitboard or by our cat.

Whether you’re hiking, exploring the wildlife or just want to get some fresh air, it is sure that you will find picturesque landscapes fitting perfectly to your kind of trip.

Village Dzungarian



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