Chundzha Hot Springs, revitalizing thermal springs

Just like the Ak Suu Hot Springs in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan also has its own hot springs, in the village of Chundzha. With about 20,000 inhabitants, Chundzha is a large village that has already been prepared for large scale tourism with, among other things, small bazaar shops. If you want to breathe in clean air, get healthier at an affordable price and enjoy the local Kazakh cuisine, then Chundzha is definitely the place to visit for you!

According to the Kazakhs, various healing properties are attributed to water in the hot springs: recovery from skin diseases, recovery from digestive diseases, prevention of cardiovascular diseases, etc. The water is also said to help with depression and to improve the immune system. Luckly, there is prove that the water actually helps. The water contains radon, which has a therapeutic effect on the human body. Chundzha’s springs perfectly compare with renowned thermal sites such as the Baden-Baden springs. It is therefore not surprising that numerous health institutions are located in the areas with hot springs in Kazakhstan.

The volcanic underground heat of Chundzha

The water in the hot springs of Chundzha has a temperature between 37 and 50 degrees Celsius, all year round, due to natural volcanic activity. Depending on the temperature, the baths are divided: from warm to very hot. Therefore, each bath has a different temperature which the visitor can choose from to visit.

Due to the high constant temperature of the water, it never freezes. With that said, you can enjoy the pleasant warmth of the water all year round. So, even in the middle of winter when outside temperatures drop far below zero and the landscape is covered with a thick layer of snow. This makes the thrill of the visit even greater. An experience you will never forget!

Chundzha road
The way to Chundzha


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