Goderdzi is a discovery. The terrain. The snow. The view.

Goderdzi is located in the Adjara region, in the middle of the three-thousanders of the Lesser Caucasus, and less than 100 kilometers from the beaches of the Black Sea. The western current brings a record amount of snow: nowhere in Georgia does it snows more than over here. You’re in the right place.

Goderdzi hut

Not so long ago, the president’s eye fell on this godforsaken piece of land. It was soon decided to turn it into a new and grand ski resort. Once the ball was rolling, there was no stopping. Only had the government forgotten to arrange accommodation for the workers and technicians. The old weather station at the Goderdzi pass was quickly converted into a hotel. Fortunately for us, because that’s the place where we are staying with our groups.

The ski area itself is in full development, but is currently still in its infancy. Only interesting for beginners. Fortunately, there is such a thing as a Pistenbully. This snow grooming machine will take you to all corners and peaks. The terrain is incredibly challenging with mellow tree runs and challenging couloirs above the tree line.

Goderdzi, a piece of Sahara in Georgia

The Sirocco, a swirling, dry and fierce Sub-Saharan wind, brought a piece of the desert to Goderdzi in March 2018. The sand in the wind caused a yellow rain, which in turn turned the snow pink. Skiers and snowboarders talked about a gritty taste in the mouth.

Goderdzi pass
The Goderdzi pass will only open in May. Even then there is plenty of snow


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