The Trinity Church of Gergeti (გერგეტის სამება) is a photogenic Georgian Orthodox church at the foot of the mighty Kazbek, a mountain 5033m high. The church itself is located at 2170m. You reach Gergeti Church after a brisk one and a half hour walk. In addition to pilgrims and tourists (and tourist pilgrims or pilgrim tourists) you will also meet many alpinists here, as the church is also the starting point of the ascent of the Kazbek.

In winter the trip to Gergeti Church is a wonderful sunrise run. Leave before the sun rises and descend again with the first rays of the sun hitting your face. Morninghas gold in the mouth right?

Gergeti church
On snowboard boots to the Gergeti church (at sunrise)

The Gergeti church is named after a disappeared village. Long, long ago, the villagers of this lost village had to maintain the church. They were called the “serfs of the Trinity.” In addition, the chronicle “Mosachsenebeli Sultai” (მოსახსენებელი სულთაი) was written in the church, a text about the history of Georgia. Hope this one day turns into a quiz question.



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