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An important stop on our tour through the Netherlands is Warmond. In this small town in South Holland is one of the largest winter clothing companies in the world located. Protest has been sponsoring us from the start with fantastic clothing and accessories. Peter has regularly visited the Protest Headquarters but for Maksat and Adilet it was the first time.

Maksat en Adilet visiting Protest in Warmond

Linda and Krijn from the marketing department have given us an extensive tour of the enormous building. From surf clothing to winter jackets, we have seen everything come by. For this winter we have received beautiful red coats that perfectly match the look of Ryce Travel. We will be printing them in Kyrgyzstan so that everyone on site has a suitable jacket.

In addition, we have the necessary sweaters at our disposal again. This year in the gray / blue color so that we are slightly different from last season. We have worked with Krijn for more than 5 years and it was a pity to hear that he will leave Protest. Fortunately we have an ideal replacement in Linda to continue our partnership.

It is difficult to describe how grateful we are for the support of such a large company as Protest. We therefore highly recommend Protest to everyone. They have a big heart and a big mission. Below you can find all our photos with hashtag #protestsportswear



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