Gear4Guides supports local ski communities with ski equipment, avalanche knowledge and (snow) safety information. Founder Olaf Sueters aims to draw more attention to adventurous winter sports destinations. Olaf has developed several projects in countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, India and the Balkans.

As of now, Ryce Travel Foundation and Gear4Guides are working together to achieve greater goals. We support joint projects, create content and organize training sessions. This is how we join forces to bring attention to less fortunate ski islands.

In recent years, Gear4Guides has been able to build a strong and extensive network with the freeride/backcountry communities in the Balkan countries (Montenegro/ Kosovo/ Macedonia/ Bulgaria), Kyrgyzstan, Greece, Turkey and China. “We are therefore extremely pleased to be integrating Gear4Guides with the Ryce Travel Foundation,” said Peter Hofman.

The collaboration will also allow the nonprofit Silk Road Freeride project to be further developed. This is one of the most important projects for the future.



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