After the fall of the Iron Curtain, many regions were struggling to keep their heads above water. Capitalism and privatization were only profitable for a small group of people. Prices rose and soon more than half of the population lived below the poverty line in some places. Low temperatures, lots of snow and poor infrastructure ensure that the local residents have a hard time in the winter. We believe that the economy can be stimulated in an alternative way. By developing (winter) tourism.

Ryce Travel is a foundation and therefore does not aim to make a profit. Of course we give our employees a competitive salary, but the profit is spent on supporting local projects in tourist developing countries. We always work with local employees to develop local knowledge and economy. Moreover, as a “ryce traveler” you always come into contact with local people during our travels. By exchanging experiences, the locals get to know the world from a different perspective.

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Why was the Ryce Travel Foundation established?
In 2012 we drove to Kyrgyzstan ourselves and were touched by the enormous hospitality in the region. Despite the limited resources, people are always there for you. They share everything they have and they feel that it is an obligation. After traveling around for a few months we felt it was an obligation to give something back to these people. The will is there but the possibilities are often limited.

What are we doing?
We support local businesses to develop (winter) tourism in a stimulating way. The snow conditions are excellent, but the facilities are fairly poor. In a short time we already helped with the start of a few ski rental shops, horse rental companies, language institutes and travel agencies. We also invest in safety and avalanche information. Since 2015 we organize ski trips to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Kosovo, Northern Macedonia and Georgia were added later, and from the 2019/2020 season we will start traveling to Turkey and Lebanon.

What can you do
Any form of assistance is welcome. At the moment we are mainly looking for second-hand ski poles, snowboard bindings and freeride equipment. We are also constantly looking for outdoor and camping equipment. Of course you can also book a trip with us. If you want to contribute as a volunteer, you can always contact us.

The best contribution is of course to travel with us!



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