Do I have to take a travel insurance? If yes which one?

Yes, it is highly recommended to take a travel insurance. You travel to a underdeveloped country where the infrastructure is less developed. This makes it adventurous, but on the other hand you want to travel safe and responsibly. We recommend taking a travel insurance with your local mountain assosiation. Most of our guests have a comprehensive travel insurance with cover for freeriding and other outdoor sports. In our opinion, this is the best option.

When will I receive the travel documents?

After booking you will receive a confirmation within 48 hours. Here you will find an overview of the booking and payment details. As soon as the (down) payment has been received, the trip is confirmed. You must have made the final payment no later than 30 days before departure. After the second payment you will receive the travel documents for your destination

Do I need a visa?

We try to develop tourism in less fortunate countries. This means that we operate as much as possible in countries that are open to tourism growth. In the countries where we operate, no (pre-requested) visas are required for EU citizens. If this changes due to political issues, we will of course inform you about this.

Are there any recommended vaccinations?

In all destinations that we offer, the Dutch Health Organization recommends the vaccinations DTP and Hepatitis A. These vaccinations are almost always recommended for developing countries but also apply, for example, to Bulgaria, Croatia and Israel.

Are there “normal” toilets?

Yes, there are toilet seats, but not everywhere. There is good sanitary facilities in all guesthouses we work with. On the road it may be the case that there is just ‘a hole in the ground’..

Can I pay with by debit card?

In the main cities you can withdraw cash with all major debit and creditcards. Always take some cash with you in case of emergencies. (US dollars, Euros, Rubbles)

Why do you guys work as a foundation?

We work as a foundation to get revenues on the right place. We started by supporting small entrepreneurs and only later we have started to offer tours. Especially to provide the local population with an extra source of income. We are passionate about supporting developing countries in sustainable growth. As a foundation, we can achieve these goals the best.

What about safety?

Of course, there are risks by participating in an adventure trip. The infrastructure is less developed than in Western countries. The roads can be bad and the electricity can shut down. In addition, we do activities in inhospitable terrain where rescue operations take more time. This makes the trip adventurous and less safe than an average ski trip to the Alps. We try to exclude as many risks as possible, but participation in our activities is always at your own risk.

Do I need to bring avalanche gear?

If you have avalanche equipment we would always advise to take this with you. The descents that we make as a group are on safe slopes where the avalanche risks are excluded. If you want runs that are more challenging or if you want to ski deep snow independently, we always recommend wearing avalanche equipment.

How much money do I spend locally?

Our trips are always on a full board basis. We would like to be transparent about the total costs. On average, our Ryce Travelers spend around 150-200 euros on the spot. Mainly drinks, souvenirs, paragliding, massage and tips.

Can I rent equipment?

Yes, you can indicate in advance whether you want to rent equipment. In many destinations we have our own equipment, otherwise it is possible to rent it at a local ski rental.

Are there no direct flights?

Because we offer “unknown” destinations, it is often impossible to book direct flights. It is often possible to fly to the destination with a short stopover. You can always ask us for advice.

Can I apply to work for Ryce Travel Foundation?

Yes, you can. For the time being, we work as much as possible with local guides and employees so that they benefit from the profit. However, we regularly need volunteers for projects in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. You can always contact us for this.

Can I get to know the other participants in advance?

You will receive an email with additional information no later than 30 days before departure. We will also ask if you want to participate in the WhatsApp group of your trip. You can e-meet each other, make arrangement for carpooling. Of course you can ask the Ryce Travel Foundation questions in this app group as well.

Do we have Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is available in most accommodations. The speed is rather low but sufficient to post on social media for example. If you are really addicted to your phone, you can buy a local SIM card.

Do I have signal with my mobile phone?

Yes, the coverage is quite OK. The signal sometimes disappears in the mountains.



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