Corona aid Central Asia

Corona-aid Central Asia

In recent weeks we have slowly adapted to the new normal. Many of us have gone to clean up, do odd jobs, and squabble. What is actually relevant and what do we really need? Eating, drinking and a roof over our heads? Education, work and leisure? What especially emerges is that we need charity and compassion. In the Netherlands, the government does everything to limit the damage. But the government cannot do that in Central Asia.

We have entered this crisis together and we will also have to work it out together. In Central Asia they need a lot of things that we have brought to thrift shops in recent days. We would like to give this stuff a new destination in countries like Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Do you want to help donate the following products?

  1. Remote teaching: teaching materials (pens / notebooks / calculators), (back) bags, smartphones, computers, English / Russian books, musical instruments
  2. Basic needs: clothes (for the mountains), shoes, tents / camping gear, kitchen utensils (crockery / cutlery / pots / pans)
  3. Sports/Leisure: sports clothing, toys, sports equipment
  4. Medical supplies: disinfection, soap, pain killers, thermometers, paper tissues, toothpaste / brush
  5. Agriculture: vegetable seeds, potato seeds, flower seeds

In the week after King’s Day (April 27 to May 3, 2020) we come to pick up items throughout the Netherlands. You can put your donations at the door so that we do not have physical contact. Enter the information below to register:

The pick-up schedule is as follows:

Monday 27 april: Limburg, Noord-Brabant

Tuesday 28 april: Zeeland, Zuid-Holland

Wednesday 29 april: Utrecht, Gelderland

Thursday 30 april: Noord-Holland, Flevoland

Friday 1 May: Overijssel, Drenthe

Saturday 2 May: Groningen, Friesland

Sunday 3 May: extra day Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht

    The region was left to its own devices after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Shady governments and an economic decline led to a bigger crisis than the current corona crisis. As a foundation, we have been trying for years to improve the facilities by supporting local projects and organizing community-based trips. We are a foundation that does not want to beg for money or donations. We want to work with proactive partners to improve living conditions. We never give money. We only provide knowledge and material. This allows “locals” to develop initiatives.

    Local TV footage from our last aid-truck to Kyrgyzstan



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