Yurt opbouwen

Constructing yurts

Recently we were able to build yurts in the Netherlands and Belgium It has been a resounding success to export yurts directly from Kyrgyzstan Most of the yurts for sale in Europe are actually from Mongolia Other yurts are copies made in China or Europe These yurts are usually made of plastic, metal and most of the times fabricated

We often receive questions about the difference between Mongolian yurts and Kyrgzy yurts The main difference is the shape The Kyrgyz yurt is higher and those have supporting poles in the middle of the yurt This is why you can optimise the floor space of a Kyrgyz yurt Also the Kyrgyz felt is thicker, the decoraties more plentyful and the Kyrgyz door post is higher.

Constructing the yurt will usually take a full day We have decided not to assist in the construction proces anymore mainly because we want buyers to learn it themselves If you want to replace the yurt, the have to know how to reconstruct as well. Moreover, we don’t have the time to assist all the buyers of the yurts On the other hand, we have made a detailed handbook ‘how to construct a yurt’. Pleae let us know if you like to receive it. It includes video’s which are very helpful in the construction proces.



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