Freeride Film Festival
On Friday, Nov. 25, 2022, the Tuschinski Theatre will host the Freeride Film Festival. The annual event is organized by wePowder. The best ski and snowboard films will be shown in multiple rooms throughout the evening. This year’s edition will feature our film of the Silk Road Freeride competition. This film called “Silk Ride” centers […]
1 percent for the pa
As of today, Ryce Travel is a member of 1% for the Planet. They provide direct investment to address global environmental problems. They ask each member company to dedicate 1% of their sales to issues such as climate change and environmental pollution. We are aware that winter sports travel is a delicate dance with the […]
Corona transport
Disputed political relations caused a further delay After a difficult journey of more than 10,000 kilometers, our aid transport has arrived in Kyrgyzstan. As early as June 2020, we had collected 22 pallets of relief supplies for Kyrgyzstan. A fundraiser collected large quantities of clothing, toys, teaching materials, sports equipment and medicines. After the departure […]
Yurt opbouwen
Recently we were able to build yurts in the Netherlands and Belgium It has been a resounding success to export yurts directly from Kyrgyzstan Most of the yurts for sale in Europe are actually from Mongolia Other yurts are copies made in China or Europe These yurts are usually made of plastic, metal and most […]
Screenshot Silk Ride Movie
Like previous year, we are also now busy preparing for the Silkroad Freeride competition of this year. This year, together with Gear4Guides and AdventureNotWar, we are organizing the 3rd edition of this event in Jyrgalan, in Kyrgyzstan. The movie “Silk Ride” will be released on December 15, 2021. The movie is about the first edition […]
Ski Shop Peja
This week, Ryce Travel transported wintersport- en skiing- equipment to Kosovo. Our director Peter Hofman drove all the way to Peja, to deliver the skiing equipment to the local guides by himself. He transported primairly touring ski’s, splitboards and avalanche gear. The transport of the equipment was made able by our follwing parnters; MK […]
Stop Belarus
Almost 3 months after the departure of our aid transport to Kyrgyzstan, we finally have positive news. The goods have been released by Belarus and can be returned to the Netherlands. We never imagined in June that this would be positive news. What happened? Until Lithuania everything was running smoothly. The problems started when crossing […]
Corona aid Central Asia
In recent weeks we have slowly adapted to the new normal. Many of us have gone to clean up, do odd jobs, and squabble. What is actually relevant and what do we really need? Eating, drinking and a roof over our heads? Education, work and leisure? What especially emerges is that we need charity and […]
Silkroad Freeride
From January 20 to January 24, 2020, the first Silkroad Freeride will be held. The very first edition will take place in Karakol / Jyrgalan in eastern Kyrgyzstan. It will be a 5-day event where freeriders from all silkroad countries can participate. In addition to the competition, training sessions will be held, clinics will be […]
Yesterday we have signed a partnership with the Kyrgyz Ski Association. From this season on we will sponsor 4 local young skiers in their goal to become a professional skier for Kyrgyzstan. Ryce Travel supports by providing ski equipment. Moreover, we compensate the travel and accommodation costs for these skiers if they have to go […]
My name is Ruslan, born in 1982 in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan. Since 2006 I have been working at the Kazakh travel organization Khan Tengri as coordinator of summer tours. How was your first meeting with Ryce Travel? I met Peter in 2015, when he came to explore the region with his friends. The south of Kazakhstan […]
ITB Berlijn
Voor de ITB van Berlijn heeft Ryce Travel de Kosovaarse gidsen Bardhosh en Bardhi ondersteund. Het ministerie van buitenlandse zaken en toerisme van Kosovo heeft een strenge selectieprocedure voor het toelaten van Kosovaarse ondernemingen op de toerismebeurs in Berlijn. Vanuit de overheid worden maximaal 5 bedrijven uitgenodigd om Kosovo te vertegenwoordigen op de Internationale Tourismus […]


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