Our cat ski trips are one of a kind. We offer crazy adventures in Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Kosovo and North Macedonia. You will be raging in the deep snow for a week. The Pistenbully will transport you to remote mountain slopes that suit your level. We have our own Pistenbully at many destinations. We have installed a cabin on it that can comfortably transport 10-14 people.

With the Pistenbully we can ski an average of about 4000-8000 meters in altitude (depending on the level and snow conditions). The cat drops us off and slowly drives down to pick us up. We do this about 6 hours a day. The terrain varies from steep rocky slopes to mellow tree runs. We can freeride below the tree line at all destinations. So there will be only sporadic ‘downdays’. In the evening you can relax in one of our guesthouses/lodges.

Cat skiing is a safe sport when practiced responsibly. We partner with local guides trained by their national Mountain Guide Association. You can therefore expect safe and unique descents. The terrain at all destinations is gigantic and offers enough challenge for a week of cat skiing. By bringing ski touring equipment we can hike short stretches to climb steeper slopes.

We offer standard trips of one week. These groups have a maximum of 12 participants (and a minimum of 5). If you want to go with your own group or want to book a combination of cat ski and freeriding, you can contact us directly.



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