Buy yurt from Kyrgyzstan

You can now buy a traditional yurt from our local friends from Kyrgyzstan. These are made in the village  Kara Koo and consist entirely of natural materials (larch) wood and wool/felt. The round tents are the original tiny houses of Central Asian nomads. You can now get one for yourself

We have 3 sizes on offer. The smallest model (S) has a diameter of 5 meters and consists of 75 wooden roof poles. The middle model (M) has a diameter of 6 meters and has 85 wooden roof poles. The model (L) is the largest with a diameter of 7 meters and 100 wooden roof poles. The prizes are:

Model S: €7450
Model M: €8200
Model L: €9450

The following items are included in the price. Wooden walls, roof sticks, roof (tunduk), grass insulation, felt for the walls (2 parts), felt for the roof (2 parts), felt for the roof (tunduk) and felt for the door. Also the decorations that you see on the photos are included, both inside and outside.

A raincover is optional. We can provide a polyester one from Kyrgyzstan for €1250. We definitely recommend to use a rain cover if you want to use the yurt in the European winter months. We can deliver the yurt anywhere in Europe. Just get in touch with us for the delivery fee.

The skeleton of the yurts consists of 3 parts. The first part is the round wooden pre-curved wall. This wall is called ‘Kerege’ by the Kyrgyz and is the basis of all yurts. The second part is the wooden roof sticks (Uuk). These connect the wall to the ceiling. The third part is the ceiling, the round wheel (Tunduk) serves as an opening for daylight and can also be used as a stove exhaust pipe.

Wicker mats are placed around the frame for insulation. Felt cloths are laid over the entire frame. These are secured with straps so that they do not blow away. There is a separate cloth over the ceiling that you can open for daylight. You can build the floor yourself. In our yurt camp in Kyrgyzstan, we have a heated wooden floor with local carpets (which are also for sale additionally).

No reinforcements or pegs are required for the tents. The incredibly strong construction of wood is further stressed by the covering of the felt cloths. The yurts can withstand heavy storms without problems. In the summer months, the yurts are generally fine outside. It is important that the felt cloths dry well before you store the yurt. You can clean the cloths with a steam cleaner. If you also want to use the yurts in the other seasons, it is useful to place a polyester cloth over the yurts. We also do this during the ski trip in Kyrgzystan (see below)

Ski adventure in Kyrgyzstan
Ski adventure in Kyrgyzstan

Why should I buy a yurt?

The yurt has an important function in Kyrgyzstan. It has been the main residence of the local population for centuries. There are many traditions involved. For example, the entrance is normally on the south. If there are many people in the yurt, the rule is that you walk counterclockwise. The ceiling (the Tunduk) always remains in the family and passes from father to son. The larch wood is very strong and the yurts from Kyrgyzstan sometimes last more than 100 years. It is therefore a very sustainable place to live.

In the Netherlands, the yurts are perfect for living, recreation and workshops. The yurt is increasingly used as a form of living. In addition, a yurt fits perfectly on a campsite, a bed & breakfast or temporary accommodation. The yurt can also serve as a studio, workshop or meeting room. The round shape makes it very cozy and it is ideal for focusing because the sunlight only enters through the roof.

How do I build the yurt?

In Kyrgyzstan they can build a yurt within half an hour (with 4-6 people). In the past, nomads moved from place to place with the yurts being carried by camels or horses. They didn’t want to spend all day setting up a tent. In the Netherlands, most buyers manage to set up the yurts in a few hours. We will add a manual for constructing the yurt. There are several instructional videos on YouTube. Below you can see the construction of the yurt in a video of 30 seconds.

When can you deliver a yurt

We still have 3 yurts for sale (1 of each size). We are not sure if a second shipment will arrive



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