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Kirgizië is beautiful

Ryce Travel is a non-profit

in 2007 Peter Hofman created a platform for adventurists tired of soaking up culture in Magaluf, strolling La Rambla or getting a teint in Cyprus. The world is full of amazing places but we are destined by large tour operators. Sequacious, because mass tourism means affordable prices. Meanwhile all touristic destinations are likewise and it’s difficult to experience local cultures.

The local population doesn’t always share in the enormous revenues. Many hotels are owned by large (Western) European multinationals. In fact, they are in charge of the touristic destinations. Cash flows directly from the Western tourists to the Western investors. Ryce Travel wants to break this spell.

If you travel with Ryce Travel you’re not going on vacation but you’re definitely travelling. You’ll experience local cultures, you’ll see amazing and undiscovered places and your expenses will stimulate local economies. I have tried to catch this in one sentence: “The world is ours but we also belong to the world. If you don’t understand the world, you don’t know who you are”.


Ryce Travel is a non-profit organization.


Ryce Travel supports local entrepreneurs.


Ryce Travel helps to develop touristic third-world countries.


Ryce Travel is looking for adventure.


Always with English speaking tour guides.



Klik op één van onze medewerkers hieronder of stuur een e-mail naar mail@rycetravel.com.

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